Puchi la del barrio

The State of Wikipedia not only explores the rich history and inner-workings of the web-based encyclopedia, but it’s also a celebration of its 10th anniversary. #wikipedia

(Source: thestateofwikipedia.com)

7 Billion people living on earth, interesting infographic video by National Geographic Channel

This is I-ad, new advertising format that mixes traditional print ads with mobile marketing, pretty cool!

The future according to Nokia, quiet interesting!

Muy real este video: 25 cosas que Odio de Facebook! #facebook

How do colors affect purchases?

Does Google really have a dark side? Or is just another paranoid theory?

The most beautiful blog layout ever!

The four stages of getting in Twitter, I agree :)

As usually people from Boston.com have the best pics from the worldcup 2010, this one was my favorite :)

To Tumblr, Love Metalab